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Active Investment Technologies offers technical consulting services to firms looking to enhance, redesign or replace legacy in-house investment systems. Our mission is to help clients reduce operational risk across multitude of processes common to many buy-side investment firms.

Analysis and Documentation
If your firm developed complex, in-house applications, macros, scripts or automation jobs that have become burdensome to maintain or to understand, we can analyze the source code and document what these applications actually do. This will help you decide whether to invest in incremental improvements to these legacy systems or begin the process of converting them to a vendor product or a redesigned in-house application:
  • Extract and document business rules from undocumented in-house legacy systems
  • Document data flow between heterogeneous systems and environments
  • Document security model (authentication and authorization) of multi-tier systems
  • Document system dependencies, interactions and interfaces
Process Improvement
If your firm continues to develop in-house applications, we can help ensure that your team has proper software development infrastructure and processes:
  • Selection, administration and best practices in source control systems
  • Build and deployment automation
  • Test automation
  • Environment setup and isolation (development, QA, staging, production)
  • Change control process to ensure traceability and audit
  • Document development standards
Legacy Application Conversion and Development
Many consulting firms are capable of delivering complete software solutions when designing systems from scratch, using their preferred platforms and frameworks. Often times, however, software enhancements are required in critical production systems that are highly complex, poorly documented and run on older platforms. We don't shy away, but instead embrace the reality of such projects and offer ways to incrementally improve these legacy systems.

Examples of challenges we've seen and successfully worked through:
  • Enhancing, fixing or migrating business logic embedded in large SQL stored procedures with thousands of lines of code
  • Enhancing, fixing or migrating large Excel macros with user interface, business logic and reference data mixed together
  • Migrating complete or parts of applications from legacy platforms (e.g. VB6, Delphi) to newer platforms (e.g. .NET)
  • Converting Crystal Reports to SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Converting classical ASP web pages to ASP.NET
  • Converting DTS packages to SSIS packages
New Application Development
We can embed ourselves in your development team or own a full software development life cycle. Our primary expertise is with Microsoft stack of technologies that includes:
  • Relational data model design and implementation with SQL Server
  • Data access frameworks and ORM tools (ADO.NET, LINQ, LLBLGenPro, Entity Framework)
  • Service oriented and object oriented design with C#/.NET and Windows Communication Framework (WCF)
  • Web and Winforms user interface development, including 3rd party toolkits from Telerik and DevExpress
  • Reporting design using SQL Server Reporting Services
Firms embracing the best-of-breed philosophy will naturally require all of their vendor and in-house applications to talk to each other. We offer broad set of custom integration services that may involve the following technologies:
  • ETL and other data transformations via SSIS, SQL or custom .NET processing logic
  • Schedule and job automation via ActiveBatch and SQL Jobs
  • Communication wrappers for Web Service interactions
  • .NET/COM wrappers for in-process application communication
  • Shell scripting

For more information about our technical consulting services, please contact us at or (877) 395-8880.

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