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Increase your team's processing efficiency
Leverage the most effective process management tool for investment managers to significiantly increase the speed and accuracy of your team processing.
Reduce risk
Document, automate and monitor your activities to gain better control over risks associated with high-volume e-mail and event processing.
Understand your processing performance and risks
Gain new insight into your operational performance and risk management results, enabling you and your team to quickly and accurately spot areas of progress and concern and make informed decisions based on unique data.
Optimize your workflows
Using Active encourages teams to streamline business activities and confirm alternative, more effective ways to process information and collaborate with others.
Document and track your team's compliance
Achieve organizational compliance with detailed reports, activity logs, and custom retention of your processing activities and results.
Secure, in the cloud or on-premise
Active deployment options include on-premise and both single and multi-tenant hosted implementations at a US-based world-class data center with redundant infrastructure, client data isolation with at rest encryption, and geographic replication.
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